Trust & Wills Estate Planning

A Last Will & Testament is intended to provide direction to others on how to handle and distribute a person's assets, dependents, or other matters after death and through probate when necessary.  A Trust can do the same thing but can also be used to own, hold and manage assets providing guidance and direction to the Trustee on financial matters, dependents, pets and other matters even while the person setting up the Trust is alive.  A Trust can be revocable or irrevocable and is often used to provide privacy, avoid probate, and can be utilized to handle your affairs for you or your dependents should you die or otherwise become incapacitated as it takes effect immediately once signed. 

What is best for one client may not work for another client meaning there should be some evaluation of the specific circumstances of each client.  In some cases, it is best to include your financial advisor or accountant in the decisions on how to structure your assets through estate planning. 

Balzer Law Firm can prepare codicils (amendments) to previous Wills or create a new Will whether simple or complex.  In addition, Balzer Law Firm can help provide guidance and direction on whether a Trust is right for you.  If it is, we will work towards drafting that Trust to the specifications of your situation with the ultimate goal of listening and respecting each client's wishes to create customized documents to assist in all of the estate planning needs. 

In addition, documents such as durable powers of attorney for healthcare, living wills, durable powers of attorney for financial matters and others can be discussed and such documents prepared when requested. 

Upon consultation to determine the circumstances, Balzer Law Firm can provide these services either on an hourly rate or a flat rate.  Please call or email for our current rate schedule.  

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