Team Approach

What is a team approach?

For us, "team approach" starts with the relationship between this law firm and the client.  Our goal is for clients to have access to not only legal assistants, but also the attorney or other professionals involved.  Our concept of a “team approach” is to be inclusive of ideas from various sources, including clients, attorneys, experts and other professionals when involved.

In addition to that relationship, there are times where attorneys from other firms might be involved.  From my first days as a practicing lawyer, I have been involved in large, complex matters.  In those types of cases, I was mentored by experienced attorneys on the value of working collaboratively.  I learned that often “two heads think better than one.”  Throughout the years, I have seen the value of that type of approach whereby brainstorming sessions have resulted in better ideas, better solutions and better results.  When the case merits additional attorneys, they are typically available thus expanding the team working for you.

What does that mean for you? 

Perhaps the most important aspect of a team approach is that we consider our clients part of the team.  We are hands-on, will talk with you—one on one—as needed and we welcome your ideas, input and concerns.  We think this provides a better experience for everyone. 

Ultimately, our goal is to put the team’s collective experience to work for you.



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