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We are in a historic building located on the corner of 13th Street and Cleveland Avenue in downtown Loveland, Colorado.  As identified on the map below, we are located one block south of Eisenhower Avenue a/k/a U.S. Highway 34, in Loveland, Colorado.  Cleveland Avenue is U.S. Highway 287 south through Loveland. 

The Rockhill House

The historical name of this building is the Rockhill House after Alfred Rockhill who built the home in approximately 1907. While today the property is located in what is deemed "downtown" Loveland, this probably was not always the case. In 1907 this area was likely considered the outskirts of town on the prairie. Note in the one photograph the lack of any sidewalks, streets, state highway or trees. And the use of wood planks being used as the walkway to the house as this photograph was probably taken during construction.

The Rockhill House is eligible not only as a Loveland Landmark but also for State and National Registers based upon its architectural significance. As an example, while the house appears to be made of carved stone, it is actually ornamental concrete blocks manufactured in a Loveland factory owned by Alfred Rockhill and named the "Loveland Pressed Stone and Construction Company." Reportedly, this was Loveland's first house built of concrete blocks and is identified as significant to the residential development in Loveland in the early twentieth century.  

The Rockhill House served as a residence until the latter 1980s when it was converted into commercial use and has since been used as professional office space as well as an art gallery. Balzer Law Firm, P.C. has been located here since 2010.


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